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Ming: Mon - Fri (7am - 7pm), Sat (9am - 4pm), Sunday Closed

Wilson: Mon - Fri (7am - 6pm), Sat (10am - 3pm), Sunday Closed

Downtown: Mon - Fri ((7am - 7pm), Sat (10am - 3pm), Sunday Closed

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Downtown Location

1624 24th St.

Bakersfield, CA

(661) 325-3399


Monday - Friday (7am - 7pm)

Saturday (10am - 3pm)

Sunday (closed)

Wilson Location

3031 Wilson Road

Bakersfield, CA. 93304

(661) 836-3399


Monday - Friday (7am - 6pm)

Saturday (10am - 3pm)

Sunday (closed)

Ming Location

6631 Ming Ave.

Bakersfield, CA. 93309

(661) 398-3399


Monday - Friday (7am - 7pm)

Saturday (9am - 4pm)

Sunday (closed)

Wedding Gown Cleaning, Preservation, and Restoration

We are proud to be recognized as best wedding gown cleaner in Bakersfield. Your wedding gown will receive special cleaning and finishing by our wedding gown specialist. Your gown will be packaged in a special acid-free preservation box that will keep that special dress pristine.

At Waterfall Cleaners in Bakersfield, we realize how important your wedding dress is to you, and we didn’t garner the reputation of being the best wedding gown cleaner in Bakersfield for nothing; it’s all about our amazing work!

Our preservation and restoration service:

Your wedding gown is safe with us, and we’ll ensure that it stays in perfect condition!